Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Princess Ratbag @ Kids in Style

Well what an AMAAAAAZING week Kids in Style was for me. If I had not taken a single order I think I still would have been so happy with the wealth of knowledge other exhibitors had to offer, and all the magazine and journalists that are interested in using my range for various features. That sort of networking and publicity is priceless, and add to it approx. 20 new stockists that ive picked up and Princess Ratbag is becoming a label that will be well recognised amongst little girls and parents all around Australia & overseas. Expect to see big things from us in 2009, with plans for Prince Ratbag in 2010.

I wore a pettiskirt in the size XL on opening day and was astounded at the 50+ orders I received for black XL pettiskirts! I must admit, they feel absolutely gorgeous to wear, you bounce around with every step you take. Thanks to my Princess for suggesting I wear it ;)

Counting down the days already until Melbourne Kids in Style, July/Aug '09! Ill be introducing my new designs, so stay tuned for some super cute things for the little ones 0-3 years :)

Monday, February 9, 2009

Lovin' the new layout!

Thank you so much to Becky from Cutest Blog on the Block (and thanks Crystal for the referall). Hasnt she done a fantastic job? You'll find her at and she is very well priced with a fantastic service. Definately worth a look for those wanting to jazz up a tired old blog.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

8 days until Kids In Style!

After months of planning and trying to get into this exclusive expo, the time is almost near and I couldnt be more excited! Its going to be lots of fun setting up my stand. I have a wonderful company doing some vinyl stickers for my floor and back wall- my logo and a few branches for the back wall which will be adorned with our rosettes to look like beautiful colourful blooms, my crown logo will be applied on the polished concrete flooring, and I have a GORGEOUS pic , by Naomi of that will be a full length banner. For any of you that reside in Brisbane, I urge you to give Naomi a call and book in a photo shoot, she's a snapping genius *hail Naomi*.
Unfortunatley for so many of us that would love nothing more than to get amongst the best labels in kiddies fashion and accessories, Kids in Style is industry only, but if you are lucky enough to be in this category its one you cant miss. See here for details .
And what am I most excited about? The final day all of the exhibitors have a swapping frenzy, barter away and we all go home with an armful of treasures. Im salivating just at the thought of it. Damn Virgin and their baggage limits. This might call for a package sent home via TNT ;)

Ill be sure to post piccies of my stand after the expo. Wish me lots of stockists!