Monday, April 27, 2009

Addicted to Dittany

Well after my last post I couldnt resist. I had to have some Dittany tights, and I had to have them in bucketloads.

So in saying that we are super duper proud to be the new Australian Distributor for Dittany Designer tights!

Stock will be available early May so keep an eye out so you can snap some up and your little one can get about town with trendy pins.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Who has the cutest little legs in the world?

Anyone that dons a pair of Dittany Baby tights, thats who!

Oooh have you ever seen anything as delicious as these tights? I can already envision doing some amazing shoots pairing them with my pettiskirts, cotton candy, boots, farm fields, ferris wheels, carousels, on the beach, in the park, anywhere!

If I cant get my hands on these tights I may possibly die of heartbreak. Must. get. dittany.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

We've been blogged

Word is quickly getting out about how special our pettiskirts are. Babybites in NZ and Little Light House in Brisbane have spread the love.

Be sure to check them out, not only for our plug but also for their lush offerings.

Thank you so much lovelies!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Princess Ratbag has a New Zealand Agent

And the most fabulous Agent at that!

We are proud to be represented by Skout Trade Fairs and Lou herself. Lou is the owner of, the best networking forum ive come across for designers and business owners in the childrens fashion industry.

If you are from New Zealand and interested in stocking our products, please contact Lou at

If are you in the childrens fashion or design industry, its defiantely worthwhile checking out Skout Trade Fairs, just be prepared to find yourself glued to it and hitting refresh every ten mins ;)

So many things in the works...

As ive mentioned before, we are running the Face of Princess Ratbag comp this year. Ive been a busy bee working away on the finer details, not to mention getting some fabulous sponsors on board. The winners are going to be absolutely delighted with the prize package we're putting together. If only I could win it myself!

I also have some great PR (meaning public relations not princess ratbag) for the comp with magazines and online blogs, so the competition will have the exposure it deserves and our judging decision will be made that much harder.

Some other excitement in the PR camp (this PR I mean Princess Ratbag. Confused?), is that I have been working away endlessly the past couple of weeks on the new designs ill be launching in August. Thankfully the MIL is a pattern maker so it makes my life that much easier. This weekend saw us starting to put together the first samples, and saw me jumping up and down with delight. I cant wait to see them in their final form ready to go!

The one thing im having a little trouble with is finding someone to do my logo in diamonte/rhinestone heat transfers or even a glitterati transfer. Apparently its too intricate, but there HAS to be a way, so ill keep digging my way through google but if anyone happens to know of somewhere, please let me know.

Once again another 2am finish in store for me tonight- but only if I get out of here now and get back to my email replys.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hoorah! Pettiskirts are arriving by the truckload

So im currently surrounded in a sea of fluffiness and am a little bleary eyed after many 2am finishes, but all for the greater cause of spreading Princess Ratbag joy to all!

It isnt all positive though, as I still have almost half my stock running late and another week or two away, but for the most part most of you will be receiving your orders this week.

If you're interested in purchasing something for immediate delivery please contact us to find out what is in current stock.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

(IM)patiently waiting for stock

Just a quick update to those of you who are like me and hoping 'today is the day!' the pettiskirts will arrive.

Stock will be arriving Thursday (hopefully) this week and further stock the end of next week. Thank you public holidays for causing further delays.

Soon enough stock will be readily available, so we thank you so much for your patience while we are surviving off smaller runs until our big orders are ready.

Keep your eyes peeled for deliveries late next week :)