Sunday, April 19, 2009

So many things in the works...

As ive mentioned before, we are running the Face of Princess Ratbag comp this year. Ive been a busy bee working away on the finer details, not to mention getting some fabulous sponsors on board. The winners are going to be absolutely delighted with the prize package we're putting together. If only I could win it myself!

I also have some great PR (meaning public relations not princess ratbag) for the comp with magazines and online blogs, so the competition will have the exposure it deserves and our judging decision will be made that much harder.

Some other excitement in the PR camp (this PR I mean Princess Ratbag. Confused?), is that I have been working away endlessly the past couple of weeks on the new designs ill be launching in August. Thankfully the MIL is a pattern maker so it makes my life that much easier. This weekend saw us starting to put together the first samples, and saw me jumping up and down with delight. I cant wait to see them in their final form ready to go!

The one thing im having a little trouble with is finding someone to do my logo in diamonte/rhinestone heat transfers or even a glitterati transfer. Apparently its too intricate, but there HAS to be a way, so ill keep digging my way through google but if anyone happens to know of somewhere, please let me know.

Once again another 2am finish in store for me tonight- but only if I get out of here now and get back to my email replys.

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Nyssa Rae said...

InkyBitz in Melbourne does Plastisol Transfers, ie; screen printing on waxed paper that you then heat transfer onto fabric, in metallics, the Silver's quite nice... This is the first time I've even looked at your blog, So I'm unsure if that's quite what you're looking for :)