Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The cold is setting in...

Time to bring out the heated blankets and warm fluffy slippers! I love this time of year, I only wish I had a fireplace. Those I know that have a fireplace tell me I would tire of it after a week seeing the mess it makes, but I think I could deal with that for the smell and the crackle of a fire.
I am loving putting my little ratbag in legwarmers and tights without having to change her current wardrobe, and the comments she gets are enough to make me blush with pride.

This winter im loving the Max Daniel Signature collection blankets (although a little small for me) available at Petit .
They are truly the softest most luxurious blanket I have ever felt, and I often try to steal my daughters to have a little snuggle into it. We have a solid colour, but im loving this one with the baby pink/choc zebra print. One for the wish list!

But you know what I really love about winter? The food! Oh the stews and soups and hearty home cooked bubbling pots on the stove. Mmmmm I love food at the best of times but in winter it seems extra special.

All this delicous winter comfort food means I will have a lot of work ahead of me, but its worth it. Lucky the hubby is a Personal Trainer then!

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petit said...

Candice thank you so much for feature our blankets. Just remember they come in adult sizes.