Monday, June 1, 2009

Face of Princess Ratbag Comp

Hi all, as you have probably noticed the Face of Princess Ratbag comp hasnt yet opened and was intended to start today being the 1st June. Im sorry, I had a weekend in Adelaide and havent been able to get the things done by the people I need as yet, so ive had to delay the start by a few days and it will now begin this Friday 5th June. Still very close, so not long to go!

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Fiona said...

Candice I love your petiskirts they are so divine. I am going to purchase one for Airlie Fae my 3 year old butterfly princess. She is going to be soooo excited. I was wondering do you have any skirts that have pink and purple on them? These are her fav colours and I would love to get her one. Its quite funny actually because she says pinkandpurple without a breath in between as if the two just go together ha ha. Anyway I will check back at your blog to see more details about the comp and also about the colours available.
Good luck with the comp Im sure your going to get hundreds of pictures.
Fee x