Monday, January 12, 2009

See us in the print

After enquiring about advertising with My Child Magazine yesterday I was contacted by someone from their team to ask if I would mind them featuring my pettiskirts in their newsletter as a "things kids love" item because they adore my range. It appears its not just the kids falling in love with our pettiskirts- adults too are joining the petti frenzy and once my ads come out in the coming issues of Studio Bambini, Shop4Kids and My Child im preparing for an onslaught of crazy mothers/grandparents/aunties whose life purpose (for that particular day anyway) is to get their hands on one of our fluffy creations.

Be sure to grab a copy of one (or all) of these 3 mags for the most devine childrens finds you've ever seen. I have to be honest and say that id never really picked up one of these magazines before, but went out and purchased them all in the name of 'research'. Buying those gorgeous Walnut shoes for jj and wall motifs for the girls room, the kindy swag (fantastic creation!), not the mention the amazing little nick-naks for bath, play and sleep... yes that was all research too!

You'll find us featured in Studio Bambini in their fashion shoot (Little Red Riding Hood theme- style 1607) as well as a full page ad, Shop4Kids as a product feature as well as a full page ad, and My Child in their newsletter, as a product feature and a 1/3 page ad. These magazines are all due for release in Feb and last an entire season or two.

WARNING: When flicking through these magazines, be prepared for plenty of 'oooh's and 'aaaaah's and an overwhelming compulsion to give the plastic a workout.

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